Surrey Heath Heritage Walks


Fri 19 May - National Rifle Association Walk, Bisley - 6-8pm £3.00

Local Historian Tim Price takes us on a tour of Bisley Camp revealing the history of the site and the National Rifle Association ranges. Also included is a visit to the NRA Museum where the Curator will give a brief introduction to the development of firearms.


Thurs 25 May – North Camberley - 6-7.30pm £2.50

Leaving from the council offices on Knoll Road we walk along King’s Ride to a residential area of Camberley once populated by business families of the past; the walk is full of local stories and reminiscences of times gone by.


Thurs 15 June – Central Camberley - 6-7.30pm £2.50

A walk around the centre of Camberley looking at buildings, businesses and people that have helped create the Camberley we know today. Led by local Historian, Ken Clarke.


Thurs 22 June  - Bagshot - 6-7.30, £2.50

Bagshot is one of our oldest villages with a history dating back to the 1300s. The walk is a circular tour, beginning with the historic centre and covering the development around St. Anne’s Church and Bagshot Chapel.


Wed 5 July – RMA Monuments and Memorials - 9:30am-12:30 £25 includes light refreshments

This annual walk organised between Surrey Heath Museum and The Sandhurst Trust is led by a member of the curatorial team from The Sandhurst Collection.  The tour covers the significant buildings and artefacts externally and internally of RMA Sandhurst; an informative and thought provoking tour steeped in national, international, and local military history.


Thursday 6 July – South Camberley - 6-7:30pm £2.50

The Portesbery Road in Camberley led to several large military houses, many of which still exist today. The walk covers the military history of our area and the prominent characters who lived here. Led by local Historian, Ken Clarke.


Wed 19 July – Basingstoke Canal - 6-8pm £5.00

A two hour circular walk on towpaths and moderately rough woodland terrain, this walk, led by a member of the Basingstoke Canal Society, takes us on a journey of the industrial and social history of this important local waterway.


Thurs 24 August - Inbetween Walk – Camberley to Yorktown - 6-7:30pm £2.50

The Inbetween Walk covers the area between Yorktown and Camberley. Both were developed for different reasons by the mid 1860s, but soon merged. Find out about this surprisingly fascinating area with local Historian Ken Clarke.


Thurs 21 September – Frimley - 5:30-7pm £2.50

Frimley is an historic village with monastic, Royal and landed gentry associations. Discover more about the bustling village we know today and where its origins began. Walk led by local Historian, Ken Clarke. 


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