Use our Reminiscence Sessions to remember the past.

For organisations working with older people.

Reminiscence is an effective tool in recalling people's memories. We bring to you objects from the past, flash cards, music and other items which can stimulate the senses and encourage discussion. This form of therapeutic intervention respects the life and experiences of the individuals with the aim to help the participant maintain good mental health.

Download our reminiscence leaflet

The purpose of Reminiscence is to stimulate the memory as we get older.  Reminiscence can be a powerful aid to working with groups of older people and taking part in activities can improve their memory and dexterity, give them greater levels of confidence, help them socialise, or just make them smile and enjoy life more.

Our current Reminiscence sessions cover:

  • The War Years
  • 1950's
  • 1960's
  • Looking Good
  • Childhood
  • Christmas
  • Chemist
  • Holidays
  • Everyday Life
  • School Life
  • Photography

Sessions cost £30 and can last up to one hour. We feel that a maximum of 10 people per session works well.


To book a session, please contact us on 01276 23771 or email