Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows & Brownies

Please note that we are unable to run these sessions until we re-open in the Heritage Gallery from July onwards.

We are happy to open up the museum after hours if you'd like your group to visit us.

Come and take part in a workshop either just for a fun, or if your group is working towards the Explore Activity Badge (Beavers), Local Knowledge Activity Badge (Cubs), Artist Activity Badge (Cubs), or Collectors Activity Badge (Brownies). We offer a variety of workshops which will help toward their badges as well as make learning about their local area fun and interactive.

Each session costs £25 and lasts between 1 ½ hours and 2 hours. Depending upon time, a session consists of your workshop, an ‘explore the Museum’ activity, and a visit to the shop. 

To book a workshop, or for more information contact us or 01276 707284


Choose from the following workshops;


Local Heroes - Who am I?  60 minutes

Choose from either
Ethel Smyth - Frimley based   Edwardian composer and suffragette 

Samuel Cody - Farnborough based early 20th century eccentric aviator.

Learn about an influential local person through investigating museum objects and storytelling.

A fun, interactive session involving hands-on activities, mystery and role play.

Information packs on each person available on our website.



What animals live in Surrey Heath? 60 minutes

Using taxidermy animals, paintings and naturalist sketches to compare, and gain an understanding of, the local wildlife of Surrey Heath. 

Hands-on interactive session, allowing children to handle and investigate animals.



Art Detectives - Learning to Look  60 minutes

Get the chance to look at  a variety of unseen art works held in the museum’s stores. Brought up just for your visit! 

Learn about how the art was produced, who was the artist and the stories behind the works, plus discuss how the art makes you feel and how to express your opinions on the art works.

Involves group discussion and art activity.


Choose from the following themes or design your own;

· Portraits

· Seasons/weather

· Landscapes/waterscapes

· Watercolour paintings

· Local buildings

· Wildlife

· Surrey Heath’s war associations

· Local artists

· Changes within living memory

· Your Suggestion!



Local History Detectives- Learning to Research  90 minutes

Learn how to ask and answer questions, and to use a range of sources, such as archaeological objects, census and old maps, to investigate changes that have happened in your local area.

The session can be tailored to your specific place in Surrey Heath and involves lots of hands-on fun activities.



Local Democracy Experience  90 minutes

Meet the Mayor and debate in the Council Chamber. Learn about the history of your local democracy through object handling, polling booth activities and coat of arms art work.



The Highwayman Experience  90 minutes

Investigate the notorious Highwaymen of  17th & 18th century Bagshot Heath through historical facts, stories, role play and museum objects, plus gain an understanding of the difference between historical fact and legends. 

Involves dressing up and hands-on activities.



WWII: Our Home Front  90 minutes

Learn about what it was like to live in Surrey Heath during the war through activities such as debating, dressing up and examining objects from the time period. Interactive hands-on activities help to encourage empathy for, and understanding of, people from this time period.