KS2 Workshops

Workshops are between 60 and 90 minutes in length and take up to 32 pupils

Workshop held in the museum - £25 per class which includes a FREE 'Explore the Museum' session (Max two classes at a time can be accommodated)

Workshop held in School - £40 per class (outside the borough £50)


Why not make a day of it by combining your visit with one of our Partner Site sessions; either Camberley Theatre or Lightwater Country Park (prices vary depending upon site and number of classes per visit).


Local Heroes - Who am I? (60 minutes)
Covers: English / History / Music (Ethel Smyth)

Choose from either
Ethel Smyth - Frimley based Edwardian composer and suffragette

Samuel Cody - Farnborough based early 20th century eccentric early aviator..

Learn about an influential local person through investigating museum objects and storytelling.

An activity based workshop involving the following;

  • Famous local people
  • Object handling
  • Learning to gather information from objects
  • Storytelling, miming and singing
  • Group and full class activities

Requires four adults per class

Ethel Smyth Information Pack

Samuel Cody Information Pack


What animals live in Surrey Heath? (60 minutes, at Museum only)
Covers: Science, Maths, Art, Geography, History

Investigate, compare, and gain an understanding of the local wildlife, using taxidermy animals, naturalist sketches and paintings, and by making observations and measurements to collect evidence.

An activity based workshop involving the following;

  • Real specimens
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Measuring and making observations
  • Scientific sketches by local naturalist George Edward Lodge
  • Paintings of the local landscape/habitats
  • Group work

Requires four adults per class


Local History Detectives- Learning to Research (90 minutes)
Covers: History, Geography

Learn how to ask and answer questions, and to use a range of sources such as maps, objects and local census, to investigate changes that have happened in your local area. This workshop is designed to facilitate the local history study section.

Develop research skills to use in the classroom. An activity based workshop involving the following;

  • Looking at maps, photographs and archive material
  • Research skills
  • Object handling
  • Questioning skills
  • Investigating
  • Local history

Requires four adults per class and access to a whiteboard & projector 


Art Detectives - Learning to Look (60 minutes, at Museum only)
Covers: Art, English, Maths, Geography, History 

Develop opinions and observation skills using a variety of unseen art works held in the Museum's stores made available especially for your visit.

A whole class workshop tailored to your set topic, involving the following;

  • Exploring usually unseen art works
  • Art techniques
  • Discussion
  • Problem solving and grouping
  • Individual work
  • Presentation skills
  • Forming opinions

Choose from the following themes or design your own;

  • Portraits
  • Seasons/the weather
  • Landscapes (both local and further afield)
  • Water
  • Local buildings
  • Wildlife
  • Surrey Heath's war associations
  • Local artists

Add on a 'Dissecting Art' follow-on workshop back at school where pupils recreate the art work they have studied in the Museum using different media. All materials provided. 60 minute session £30 per class.


The Highwayman Experience: Fact or Fiction? (90 minutes)
Covers: History, Geography, English, Art

Investigate the notorious highwaymen of 17th & 18th century Bagshot Heath through historical facts, stories, role play and museum artefacts. Gain an understanding of the difference between fact and opinion, and discover how legends are made. A good writing stimulus for further work back at school.

An activity based workshop involving the following;

  • Role play and performance
  • Map work
  • Story telling
  • Local history
  • Discussion
  • Looking at art work
  • Writing stimulation for further work
  • Pre & post workshop activity ideas
  • Museum objects

Requires four adults per class and access to a whiteboard & projector


WWII: Our Home Front (90 minutes)
Covers: History, English, Citizenship

Learn about what it was like to live in Surrey Heath during the 2nd World War. Includes activities such as debating, dressing up and examining objects from the time period, which helps to encourage empathy and understanding.

Learn about what everyday people were doing in Britain throughout WWII. An activity based workshop involving the following;

  • Role play and dressing up
  • Object handling
  • Discussion and debate
  • Games
  • Group work

Requires four adults per class

Discovery box available to accompany this session


Local Democracy Experience (90 minutes, at Museum only)

Covers: History, English, Citizenship, Art

Meet the Mayor and debate in the Council Chamber. Learn about the history of your local democracy through object handling, polling booth activities and emblem art work.

An interactive workshop involving the following;

  • Debating
  • Local democracy
  • Explore the museum
  • Craft
  • Object handling