Chris Herbert

Chris Herbert Chris Herbert established Safe Management in 1992. He founded the Spice Girls, formed and managed the boyband Five, represented the band Hear’Say as part of the music reality TV show, ‘Popstars’ as well as managing all the artists from the BBC music show, ‘Fame Academy’, amongst others. Since then he has gone on to become one of the fore-runners in commercial music management, managing both performers; writers and producers. His talents were recognised by the Music Managers Forum and in 2001 he was awarded the prestigious ‘Manager of the Year’ award by the MMF. Chris has managed Ivor Novello and Brit Award winners, he’s been responsible for selling millions of records with his artists and projects and scored massive global hits and sell-out worldwide tours. In 2012 Chris set up boutique artist management company Ten10 MANAGEMENT, focused on finding, developing and managing the best music talent.

Chris also launched TV production company Scream Films with Southan Morris and built the business up to be one of the leading Independent Production Companies in the UK. Scream was voted ‘Most Creative Independent’ by the Broadcast Commissioners survey. Due to its massive success Fox Television Studios made a bid to buy the company and it was later sold to them.

Chris’s latest venture in the world of music is a finance solutions company called Tactic which provides independent financing for Music Projects under the Government backed SEIS scheme offering an alternative solution to the traditional Major Label deal, thus providing more independence for the artists and their representatives. Tactic has already secured a number of high profile clients , proving that Chris’s forward thinking entrepreneurial  approach to the Music business is what made him one of the forerunners in an ever evolving industry.