Frequently Asked Questions

Wildflower verge in Surrey Heath

Wildflower Areas and Long Grass Regimes Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to cut wildflower areas at all?

Yes, they will be cut once a year at the end of the growing season and all the arisings will be collected. This allows the plant to flower and allows time for the seed to be shed. 

Can I suggest an area for wildflower planting?

Yes. Any suggestions received this year will be considered for the 2022 season as areas need to be planned well in advance to ensure success, and allow officers time to make any adjustments throughout the season as these areas are developed. Please note that due to the anticipated volume, we will not be able to respond individually to suggestions due to the potential number received. Please email

Can I suggest an area for long grass?

Yes. Please note that due to the anticipated volume, we will not be able to respond to suggestions directly but please email and leave your contact details, so that we can contact you if any further information is needed.

Is there any advice on how I can create my own wildflower area?

Yes, the Wildlife Trusts have some useful instructions.  

Can I plant my own wildflower seeds on SHBC land?

We would ask that you do not plant seeds on SHBC land. 

Any planted areas that are not agreed in advance with the authority will not be maintained as such and will continue to be cut as scheduled. This can lead to disappointment when the planted areas are cut. However as we are working to a large scale, the contractors are only able to maintain areas that are agreed with SHBC and subsequently mapped on our GIS system.

Will these longer areas of grass and/or wildflowers create a fire hazard?

No. The areas are carefully risk assessed. We have liaised with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service wildfire officers to ensure we are not creating a fire hazard. SFRS are happy with our proposals and we are following their advice on inserting breaks where appropriate. Only areas that are suitable for long grass/wildflowers will be used and natural breaks will be designed into any larger areas where the grass is left long. 

What seed mixes are you using and why?

We will be choosing an appropriate native seed mix for the environment and the soil type.

For the proposed areas this year, the seed mix will include species such as Yarrow, Kidney Vetch, Common Knapweed, Wild Carrot and Oxeye Daisy.

Can we have poppies please?

If you have suggestions for particular species to be included in any particular areas please suggest them via Unfortunately we cannot respond to each suggestion individually but all suggestions will be considered. 

Can I volunteer to work in a local countryside site or for some conservation work in Surrey Heath?

Yes. You can volunteer to take part in our conservation work which happens every year. We have had to stop these activities temporarily due to Covid. If you wish to express an interest, please email marked for the attention of the Greenspace Team and you will receive relevant information.

Are you cutting in the bird nesting season?

No. We will cut the areas at the end of the growing season and timings are subject to weather conditions.