Southampton to London Pipeline Project (ESSO) - Development Consent Order

This is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). Surrey Heath Borough Council was not the determining authority but consulted on the proposal. Decisions are made by the Planning Inspectorate and the Secretary of State. 

The DCO grants development consent for the construction, operation and maintenance of an underground steel pipeline 97km in length and approximately 300mm in diameter to carry aviation fuel from the Fawley oil refinery near Southampton to the Applicant’s West London Terminal at Hounslow. The linear project would commence at Boorley Green in Hampshire and run through a number of council areas including Surrey Heath. Within Surrey Heath this would notably impact upon Turf Hill, St. Catherine’s Road and Windlemere SANGs. 

The application was accepted for public examination on 11 June 2019. The examination began on 9 October 2019 and was completed on 9 April 2020. A total of 294 Relevant Representations (as defined in the Planning Act 2008) were received from statutory and non-statutory authorities, utility providers, local councils, local MPs, local organisations and local residents.

The Secretary of State (SoS) issued his decision on 7 October 2020 agreeing with the Examining Authority's conclusion. The DCO has therefore been issued and subject to the applicant meeting pre-commencement requirements, set out within the DCO, and no legal challenge the development can proceed.  

For a copy of the DCO, the Secretary of State's Decision and all other documentation please visit the National Infrastructure Planning website.


Next steps and powers available to the Local Planning Authority 

The applicant is required to obtain approval from the LPA for various plans prior to commencement. These requirements are set out within Schedule 2 of the DCO. 
The LPA will endeavour to undertake public consultation and will provide links to receipt of plans and documentation on this webpage. However, the LPA must make its decision on any application received within 42 days following the day after receipt of the information and deemed consent will be given if the LPA fails to determine within the 42 days period.