Deepcut Planning Policy


The Borough Council is in the process of preparing planning policy specifically for Deepcut:

Core Strategy

The adopted Core Strategy contains policies which identify Deepcut as a strategic housing location for the Borough. Policy CP4 specifically relates to the development of Deepcut as a sustainable rural village accommodating 1200 new homes on the Princess Royal Barracks site.

Deepcut SPD

The Council has prepared specific and detailed guidance for the development of Deepcut in the form of a supplementary planning document. This document was prepared in conjunction with Guildford Borough Council and is the result of an extensive process of community engagement and consultation which took place between 2009 and 2011.

The guidance was adopted by both Councils as guidance for development control purposes in early September 2011. Surrey Heath formally adopted the SPD on the 1st February 2012. You can view the adopted version of the Deepcut SPD and the supporting documents below:

Previous stages of consultation on this document have been archived.