Deepcut - Background

Deepcut is a rural settlement lying to the east of Frimley. It is surrounded by woodland and heathland areas and lies on the Chobham Ridges. The Basingstoke Canal bounds the southern edge of the settlement.

Deepcut began life in the late 19th century as an army training ground and gradually acquired a series of barracks and supporting civilians areas during the early 20th century. A number of the existing buildings in the civilian and military areas reflect the Edwardian character of this early development phase.

The military areas reached their largest extent in the 1950's with the barracks and civilian areas concentrating around the intersection of Deepcut Bridge Road and Blackdown Road. The number and extent of the barracks has reduced since that time, although civilian areas have continued to grow. In 2009 the military areas (now known as the Princess Royal Barracks) are largely confined to the eastern side of Deepcut Bridge Road. It is the principal location for Army logistics training in the Defence College of Logistics and Personnel Administration and home of the Royal Logistics Corps.

In 2007, the Minister of State for the Armed Forces announced that the Princess Royal Barracks (PRB) would be closed after 2013 and the training facilities provided elsewhere. It was judged that the released site could be suitable for residential development and make a significant contribution to the Government's housing strategy.

Surrey Heath Borough Council has received a request from the MOD for the site to be included in Surrey Heath's Core Strategy as a housing site.

The process of planning for the moving out of the army and redevelopment of the PRB site for civilian uses has now begun. This web page is part of SHBC's strategy for ensuring that the local community are fully involved in the process of planning for the new settlement at Deepcut.

Deepcut Statistics
2001 census for Deepcut area

  • Total Population - 1131

  • Males - 635

  • Females - 496

  • Households - 331

Princess Royal Barracks site
Current site area - 110ha