Design review process

A typical design review process will be as follows:

  • Recognition by developer that the proposal will be likely to trigger a design review
  • Pre-application submitted with Design and Access statement including information on design concept and principles
  • Formal recognition by Surrey Heath that a design review is required
  • Design appraisal by Council
  • Design comments, along with other planning related feedback, sent to developer team
  • Iterative process of design refinement between Council and developer
  • Submission of design to D:SE for Panel Review
  • Further design refinement by developer following Panel Review.  (May involve further collaborative working with Council)
  • If required – submission of revised design to D:SE for further comment
  • Finalisation of scheme design
  • Submission of refined design as part of a formal planning application.

The design review process will incur the D:SE fee which is additional to the normal planning pre-app fees charged by Surrey Heath.

The D:SE fee is currently set at £4,025 + VAT (+expenses) for the first review.