Comment or Object

When a planning application is received letters are sent to neighbouring properties advising of the proposed development and inviting residents to inspect the application. Please note that if you have not received a neighbour notification letter you can still view the application. You can comment on an application while it is still open for consultation.

Viewing an Application

  • View the applicant's proposed plans using the Planning online search facility or
  • Visit the Council Offices to view them:
    Applications are available for inspection at the Council Offices between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm (Mon to Thurs) and 8.30am to 4.30pm (Fri).

Comment or Object

Please note: you will need the Planning Application Number - you can find this using the online search above

To comment on a planning application online you need to register on Public Access then follow these steps:

  • use the 'simple' or 'advanced' search function to find an application
  • enter the post code, road, application reference number or first line of the address in the search field
  • select the application you are looking to comment on or object to from the results list
  • once selected, check the details of the application and click the 'Make a comment' button
  • select commenter
  • select your stance (object, support or neutral)
  • add your comments
  • submit your comment or objection

Please note that once submitted, your comments (including your name and address) will be published online

You can also write to the Local Planning Authority, or email your representations to

Applications are decided either under delegated powers (decided by Executive Head - Regulatory) or are referred to the Planning Applications Committee, which meets every 4 weeks. For your information, the current central government target are that Local Planning Authorities should decide 60% of major applications within 13 weeks, 65% of minor applications within 8 weeks and 80% of planning applications within 8 weeks.

If you are disabled please feel free to contact the Council Offices or the case officer if you know their name (or someone can do this on your behalf) and appropriate assistance will be offered.


The following is a list of Material Considerations that can be taken into account in determining planning applications submitted under the Town and Country Planning Act.

Material Considerations

  • The Development Plan and other relevant policy and guidance
  • Highway safety, Flood risk
  • Appearance and design
  • Noise, dust, fumes, etc.
  • Loss of light/sunlight
  • Scale and dominance
  • Archaeology
  • Sustainability
  • Nature conservation
  • Privacy
  • Impact on infrastructure, community & other services
  • Impact on character, including trees
  • Parking provision
  • A fall-back position - such as:
     - a lawful use which could result in a development worse than proposal
     - an extant planning permission which has a similar or worse effect than the proposed development
     - Permitted Development which could have the same or worse effect than the proposed development)

The following matters are however not Material Considerations

  • Business competition
  • Loss of view
  • Devaluation of property
  • Private rights of access
  • Covenants
  • Other private rights
  • Short term disturbance during implementation of a planning permission
  • Maintenance of property

Publishing your personal details

Under the Town and Country Planning Act planning applications and any written comments you make about an application, by law, must be placed on the public file. This means that:

  • Your comments, and your name and address will form part of the planning application documents;
  • Anonymous and 'in confidence' comments will not be considered;
  • Your comments will be published on our website including your name and address;
  • We will remove any signature, email address and telephone number before publishing; and,
  • It may be possible for your name and address to appear in search results on Google, Yahoo and other internet browsers/search engines (of which the Council has no control over)


We will consider any special circumstance of making personal details sensitive, for example, keeping confidential the address of a person who is the subject of harassment. If you feel that your comment should be kept confidential please do not complete an online representation form as this will automatically be uploaded to the website before confidential information can be redacted, instead print the PDF form above and email the form to, alternatively you can email the Councils Data Protection Department at