Planning Applications Search

Important Information

Please note that the Council is in the final phase of migrating major Council IT systems to new software.

All new planning applications with the reference number 19/2000 and greater can be viewed under the new publisher. Determined and historical applications can also be viewed here.

For undetermined planning applications with the reference number less than 19/2000 (and applications determined between August – October 2019) please also check the old and interim publishers

Search applications

The planning register search enables a simple application search by status i.e. current or decided application. There is also an advanced facility which enables you to search by application reference, application type and application parameters between dates. Alternatively you can use the map facility where you can search spatially. In addition, appeals can be viewed on this publisher. For committee items including agendas and dates please also check the Council’s Meetings page.

(You will need the planning application number. If you don't have it, please use the search above first and make a note of the number) 

Publishing your personal details

Any written comments you make about an application, by law, must be placed on the public file. This means that:

  • Your comments, and your name and address will form part of the planning application documents;
  • Anonymous and 'in confidence' comments will not be considered;
  • Your comments will be published on our website including your name and address;
  • We will remove any signature, email address and telephone number before publishing; and,
  • It may be possible for your name and address to appear in search results on Google, Yahoo and other internet browsers/search engines (over which the Council has no control)

Exception: We will consider any special circumstance of making personal details sensitive, for example, keeping confidential the address of a person who is the subject of harassment. If you feel that your comment should be kept confidential please specify in your representation.