Local Heritage Assets

Within Surrey Heath, there are many buildings and structures that may not meet the criteria for nationally listed buildings at present but do add to the cultural heritage of the Borough. The result is that many fine buildings and structures that represent the early growth of areas like Camberley are unprotected by the statutory listing process. Consequently, from 1989 onwards Surrey Heath Borough Council has compiled a list of over 200 'Structures of Local Significance' or 'Locally Listed Buildings' (now known as Local Heritage Assets) which contribute greatly to the local character of the Borough and should be protected or retained whenever possible.

How are buildings selected for designation as a Local Heritage Asset?
In May 2012 the Council adopted a Designation of Local Heritage Assets Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The purpose of this SPD is to provide the methodology and criteria for identification of buildings, structures and sites of local importance for inclusion in support of Policy DM17 and supporting text of the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD (CS&DM DPD). The Council will undertake periodic reviews to consider the inclusion of additional buildings as Local Heritage Assets when necessary.

Which buildings are designated Local Heritage Assets?

  • View the record of the Surrey Heath's Local Heritage Assets. Please note that this document was last updated in 2011 and as such does not include recent additions to the list. If you are in any doubt as to whether a building is a Statutory or locally designated Heritage Asset, please contact the Councils Planning Policy and Conservation team.

Can I alter, extend or demolish a Local Heritage Asset?
There are no special planning controls over works to a Local Heritage Asset. However, in determining any planning application that would affect a Local Heritage Asset, the Council will expect development to respect and promote the conservation and enhancement of the Heritage Asset and its setting.