Conservation Areas

Designated by Local Authorities, Conservation Areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest, that it is desirable to preserve and enhance. The Council has a duty to define why an area has been designated as a conservation area, to outline its special interest and publish proposals for its preservation and enhancement. It is the purpose of conservation area appraisals and management plans provide this information .Surrey Heath has 9 designated Conservation Areas. They are:

Conservation location information
Location Character Appraisal
Bagshot Village Character Appraisal Bagshot Village
Bagshot Church Road Character Appraisal Bagshot Church Road
Bagshot Park, Bagshot Character Appraisal Bagshot Park, Bagshot
Basingstoke Canal Character Appraisal Basingstoke Canal
Chobham Village -Conservation Area Character Appraisal Chobham Village - Conservation Area
RMA (Former)Staff College/London Road, Camberley Character Appraisal RMA / (former) Staff College/London Road, Camberley
Upper Gordon Road to Church Hill, Camberley Character Appraisal Upper Gordon Road to Church Hill, Camberley
Windlesham, Updown Hill Character Appraisal Windlesham, Updown Hill
Windlesham, Church Road Character Appraisal Windlesham, Church Road

The Council has begun the process of reviewing and updating the appraisals for all of Surrey Heath's conservation areas. These will provide the basis for making informed decisions in the positive management, preservation and enhancement of conservation areas.

Current consultations:

There are no current consultations.

How does the Council seek to preserve the character and appearance of Conservation Areas?
Within Conservation Areas, Planning Permission will be required for the demolition of a building with a volume exceeding 115 cubic metres and to demolish a gate, fence, wall or railing over 1 metre high next to a highway (including a public footpath or bridleway) or public open space, or over 2 metres high elsewhere. Trees are also subject to greater protection within Conservation Areas- If you are thinking of cutting down a tree or doing any pruning work you must notify the Council 6 weeks in advance of undertaking works. Permitted development rights (permission granted automatically for certain works to dwelling houses) are more restricted in Conservation Areas to give the Council more control over the size, design and location of extensions, outbuildings and alterations.
Where Planning Permission is required, the Council will expect development to respect and promote the preservation and enhancement of the Conservation Area. The National Planning Policy Framework and the Surrey Heath Core Strategy and Development Management Policies 2012 provide the statutory planning framework for assessing development within Conservation Areas and in the decision making process, regard will also be had to any applicable conservation area appraisal and management proposals.

What if I don't obtain Planning Permission when it is needed?
Failure to obtain Planning Permission when it is required is an offence which may result in a fine or term of imprisonment, or both. Where works have been undertaken without consent, the Council can also serve an Enforcement Notice, specifying action intended to preserve the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. If you are unsure as to whether any proposed works require Planning Permission, please seek clarification from the Council.