Controlled Parking Zone & Restrictions

What is a Controlled Parking Zone?
A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) is an area extensively covered with yellow line restrictions and parking places. Zone entry and exit signs, stating the general terms of control, are placed at all points where motor vehicles enter the CPZ.

The objectives of the Camberley CPZ:

  • avoiding danger to other road users from parked vehicles.
  • providing adequate passage for all road users, relative to the type of road.
  • regulating parking of vehicles, and
  • ensuring a fair distribution of suitable on-street space between the various users.

How do parking controls help?
There is a high demand for parking in Camberley which often exceeds available space. By the introduction of parking controls the Council can ensure a fair distribution of on-street space based on the various demands. Controlling parking will also stop parking at dangerous and obstructive locations.

What area is covered?
The area covered by the CPZ is shown below:

Map showing controlled parking zone in Camberley

The hours of control are 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday. Within the CPZ, parking (where permitted) is either unlimited or subject to a maximum 2 hours or 30 minutes stay as shown by signs in the street. All parking remains free of charge, although Surrey County Council has announced that charging for on-street parking is being considered.

Who enforces the restrictions?
All parking restrictions are enforced by the Surrey Heath Borough Council, on behalf of Surrey County Council.

When was it introduced?
The CPZ was introduced in 1999 and amended in 2002.

Residents permit scheme
Some residents within the Controlled Parking Zone are entitled to apply for residents permits which allow them to park in specific bays in their street (which may be bays that are also used for public short-term parking). A maximum of 2 permits may be issued to each household, subject to availability of off-street parking spaces. Residential eligibility criteria are applied to all applications.

Disabled Parking
There are 10 disabled bays in Camberley High Street and 4 in Park Street (2 at either end).

How can I get more information about CPZs?