Changes to parking enforcement

Woking Borough Council, on behalf of Surrey County Council, are enforcing all on-street parking restrictions across the borough of Surrey Heath.

This change is a result of a review of management arrangements by Surrey County Council. There is no change in the management and enforcement of the car parks in Surrey Heath.

Who will do what?

Woking Borough Council:

  • Will be enforcing all areas marked with formal signs and lines, such as, yellow lines restrictions and limited-waiting parking places.
  • Enforcing where a vehicle is parked more than 50cm from the kerb or a vehicle is parked in front of a dropped kerb access.
  • Enforcement powers do not extend to footway or verge parking unless there are adjacent marked restrictions.

Surrey Heath Borough Council:

  • Will enforce the parking regulations on all car parks in Surrey Heath.
  • Will help maintain the pay stations and monitor the overall appearance of car parks in Surrey Heath.

Surrey County Council:

  • Will remain responsible for any changes to the existing parking restrictions or introduction of new parking arrangements.

Police: May be able to help with vehicles that are parked causing an obstruction or a danger but are not contravening a marked restriction.

Private land: Is a matter for the land owner.

Contact details for parking issues in Surrey Heath.


Who to contact

Telephone No.

E-mail address

On-street enforcement of formal parking restrictions

Woking Borough Council

01483 743839

Vehicles causing an obstruction

Neighbourhood Police Team

101 or  01483 571212

Requests for changes to on-street parking restrictions

Surrey County Council

0300 200 1003

Car Parks in Surrey Heath

Surrey Heath Borough Council

01276 707100