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Effortless parking with Glide

Glide is a new App based system to pay for your parking in Main Square car park and Knoll Road car park. Glide is provided by Newpark Solutions for use in our multi-storey car parks.

Have a look at to see what it can offer.

Create a Glide account by downloading the Glide Parking app from Google Play or the App Store.
Either enter your registration number and select Pay Now or create an account and follow the prompts from Glide.
Once payment has been made, there is a ten minute ‘grace period’ to leave the car park. Free wi-fi in The Square and Camberley Theatre make using Glide Parking even easier.

Main benefits for you

You choose to use the App or not.
No need to carry cash.
It's so quick, just open your Glide App and pay.

Glide regularly run discounts for those using the app. To find out more follow glide on twitter @GlideParking