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Main Square car park Improvement Works

Parking Services have resurfaced the remaining car park levels 1 to 3 in Main Square Car Park along with the internal ramps and the spiral exit ramp. We are also replacing the expansion joints between the car park structure and the spiral exit ramp on all levels.

We have made the standard bays wider by 20cm, to give our customers some extra space and help drivers to manoeuvre in and out of the bays a little easier.

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Statement about Parking at Frimley Lodge Park

Frimley Lodge Park Car Park Parking Areas Amendment Order 2016

Vehicles using Council Car Parks including free car parks must be parked in accordance with the conditions displayed. Vehicles are required to be parked within marked bays and some bays are reserved for particular users such as Blue Badge holders, parents of small children or short term users

Main Square Multi Storey, Camberley GU15 3RP

Charging times: 24 hours (pay on foot)
Spaces: 800
Disabled Parking Bays: 35 on Level 1
Car Wash: Level 3
Extra-wide bays: Level 4
Please note: Main Square Multi Storey Level 3A closure
Opening Times: 24 hours
Category of Charge Charges
Up to 2 Hours £1.80
Up to 3 Hours £2.30
Up to 4 Hours £3.50
Up to 6 Hours £5.00
Up to 10 Hours £7.00
Evenings after 6pm until 8am the following day £2.00
Sundays or Bank Holidays £1.50
12 months Season Ticket £995.00
6 month Season Ticket £575.00
3 month Season Ticket £290.00

Knoll Road Multi Storey, Camberley GU15 3SY

Opening times: Surface - 24 hours
Opening times: Multi Storey - 6.30am to 8pm (Midnight if there is an event at Camberley Theatre)
Charging times: 8.00am - Midnight (pay on foot)
Spaces: 606
Disabled Parking Bays: 11 
Extra-wide bays: Levels 4a and 5

Category of Charge Charge
Up to 1 Hour £1.00
Up to 2 Hours £1.50
Up to 3 Hours £2.00
Up to 4 Hours £3.00
Up to 6 Hours £4.00
Up to 10 Hours £4.00
Sunday and Bank Holidays £1.50
Evenings after 6pm (Monday to Saturday) £1.50
12 months Season Ticket £825.00
6 month Season Ticket £475.00
3 month Season Ticket £240.00

Arena Leisure Centre, Grand Avenue, Camberley, GU15 3QH

Opening Times: 24 hours
Charging times: Monday to Saturday inclusive
(excluding Bank Holidays)
There is a 15 minutes Grace Period in operation
9.30am - 5.30pm (Cashless Mobile Phone Parking Only)
(Leisure Centre users are able to activate a 3.5 hour session free of charge at reception)
Spaces: 174
Disabled Parking Bays: 6

Charging Hours Maximum period which Vehicle may wait Maximum Scale of Charges
Leisure Centre Users 3.5 Hours Free of charge when a session is validated by a centre user in the reception

Non Leisure centre Users

Between 09:30 hours and 17.30 hours on any day other than a Sunday or Bank Holiday or other public holiday

18 Hours

Cashless Mobile Phone Parking
charges during the charging hours:

(i) not exceeding one hour £2.00
(ii) exceeding 1 hour but not exceeding 2 hours £3.00
(iii) exceeding 2 hours but not exceeding 3 hours £4.00
(iv) exceeding 3 hours but not exceeding 4 hours £5.00
(v) exceeding 4 hours but not exceeding 5 hours £6.00
(vi) exceeding 5 hours but not exceeding 6 hours £7.00
(vii) exceeding 6 hours but not exceeding 7 hours £8.00
(viii) exceeding 7 hours but not exceeding 8 hours £9.00

Library Car Park, Knoll Road, Camberley, GU15 3SY

Opening Times: 24 hours
Charging Times: 30 minutes only, Monday to Saturday (Excluding Bank Holidays)
8:00am to 6:00pm (pay and display)
Disabled Parking Bays: 5

Parking time Charge
Up to 30 minutes (no return within 1 hour) £0.40

Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road GU15 3HD

Opening times: Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays
(Midnight to Midnight)
Charging Times: Saturdays 8am to 6pm
Sundays/Bank Holidays 10am - 5pm (pay and display)
Spaces: 144
Disabled Parking Bays: 2

Category of Charge Charge
Up to 2 Hours £1.20
Up to 3 Hours £2.00
Up to 4 Hours £2.80
Up to 10 Hour £4.00
Sunday and Bank Holidays only £1.50

Citizen Advice Bureau

Disabled Parking Bays: 2

Yorktown Car Park, Sullivan Road GU15 3BA

Opening Times: 24 hours
Charging Times: Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)
8:00am - 6:00pm (pay and display)
Spaces: 137
Disabled Parking Bays: 6

Category of Charge Charge
Up to 2 Hours £1.00
Up to 5 Hours £2.50
Up to 10 Hours £3.00
annual Season Ticket £540.00
6 months Season Ticket £310.00
3 months Season Ticket £160.00

The Atrium Multi Storey Car Park,Park Street, Camberley, GU15 3PT

Car Park not managed by Surrey Heath Borough Council
Spaces: 682 with disabled and mother and child bays

Camberley High Street and Park Street Disabled Parking

Park Street (north end): 2 on-street Disabled Parking Bays
Park Street (south end): 2 on-street Disabled Parking Bays
High Street: 9 on-street Disabled Parking Pays

Car Parks Outside of Camberley Town Centre

Opening Times: 24 hours
Charging Times: Monday to Friday (Except Bank Holidays)
8:00am to 6:00pm (pay and display)

Permits for local residents without off-street parking (£100 per year) and season tickets (£375 per year) are available from Parking Services.

  • Bagshot The Square GU19 5AY
    Disabled Parking Bays: 3
    Reserved area for short term 2 hour parking)
  • Camberley Watchetts Road GU15 2UZ
    Spaces: 36
    Disabled Parking Bays: 3
  • Chobham High Street GU24 8LZ
    Spaces: 96
    Disabled Parking Bays: 3
  • Frimley Burrell Road GU16 7JG
    Spaces: 60
    Disabled Parking Bays: 3
  • Camberley, Portesbery Road, GU15 3TA  
    Residents only car park 
Category of Charge Charges
Up to 2 Hours Free but obtain a ticket
Up to 3 Hours £0.40
Up to 4 Hours £0.80
Up to 5 Hours £1.20
Up to 6 Hours £1.60
Up to 7 Hours £2.00
Up to 8 Hours £2.40
All Day £2.50
12 months Season Tickets £375.00
Local Residents (annual) £100.00

Parking Places for the following car parks are free

  • Wilton Road GU15 2QW - 83 spaces, 4 disabled
  • Balmoral Drive, Paddock Hill GU16 8UR - 36 spaces, 2 disabled
  • Wharf Road, Frimley Green GU16 6LE - 23 spaces, 2 disabled
  • Woodend Road, Deepcut GU16 6QH - 40 spaces, 3 disabled
  • Martindale Avenue, Heatherside GU15 1AX - 38 spaces, 3 disabled
  • Guildford Road, Bisley GU24 9EP - 16 spaces, 1 disabled
  • Chobham Place Woods GU24 8TN - no marked bays
  • Prior Road, Camberley GU15 1DA

Penalty Charge Notices in Car Parks

Lower Timescale for Payment
£25 if you pay it within 14 days
£50 if you pay it between 15 days and 28 days
£50 if you pay it after we have served you with a
'Notice to Owner' but before we have served you
with a 'Charge Certificate'
£75 if you pay it after we have served a 'Charge Certificate'
£82 if you pay it after it has been registered as a debt

Motorcycle Parking Information

Motorcycles can park for free in our Pay and Display car parks throughout the borough. Please park wholly within a parking bay or motorcycle bay where provided. For Camberley town centre motorcycles parking is provided free at the front of Main Square multi-story car park, GU15 3RP.

Motorhome Parking Information

The Council's public car parks cannot accommodate motorhomes. Frimley Lodge Park, located at Sturt Road, Frimley Green, Surrey, GU16 6HY can accommodate up to 6 motorhomes in the 'oversized' car park.

Coach and Lorry Parking

There are no dedicated parking or coach facilities in Surrey Heath. Please contact Parking Services on 01276 707152 or email for advice on one off special occasion parking for coaches.