My Surrey Heath

Welcome to the new look My Surrey Heath

The new look My Surrey Heath has been designed to help you find a variety of information about Surrey Heath locations.
*Please note that the previous version of My Surrey Heath is no longer available. However, you should be able to use the new version to find out the information you require.

What information can be found on My Surrey Heath?

If you have used the previous version of My Surrey Heath, you will notice that there are several familiar channels. However, there are some new additions which we will continue to add over time. You can find information about:

  • Planning 
  • Democracy
  • Public Facilities 
  • Crime
  • Highways 
  • Education
  • Flooding 
  • Recycling Centres
  • Public Rights of Way
Within each channels you can filter the distance and/or type of information that you are looking for. Some channels allow you to explore results in more detail and links to more information on the Surrey Heath Borough Council website or external resources. 

Accessing My Surrey Heath

Enter your street or postcode into My Surrey Heath


My Surrey Heath has been designed with a mobile first approach, meaning your user experience on mobile, tablet or desktop will be the same. We will be continuing to add in more channels and data over time. If you have any ideas or feedback on My Surrey Heath then please contact us at

Are you looking for a map? 

We currently have a wide range of mapping data available for you to view. Some of this can be accessed at a very specific site-specific level in My Surrey Heath but more traditional mapping can be found on our maps webpage