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About Independent Living Accommodation for people over 60 years of age.

Many people like the idea of living independently but with the reassurance of knowing that help is at hand if there is an emergency.

This is why Independent Living accommodation is such a popular choice.

Independent Living accommodation is not an 'old folks home' - it provides people with the security of their own home with the benefit of being able to access onsite support and facilities as and when they are needed.

While different schemes vary, most will provide:

  • self-contained flats with their own kitchen and bathroom;
  • a laundry;
  • a communal lounge;
  • optional social activities, including meals;
  • communal gardens;
  • a guest room for overnight visitors;
  • security and safety features;
  • a scheme manager; and
  • 24-hour emergency assistance through an alarm scheme.

Why choose Independent Living accommodation?

Independent Living Accommodation might appeal to you if you want to live independently, in a smaller and easier-to-manage home, and like the idea of having someone to call on if there is an emergency.

If your needs change there will be advice to help you access any extra help that you need.

The role of the Scheme Manager 

It is important to be clear about what the manager's role is. Generally the manager is not there to provide care for residents, or to carry out tasks like shopping and cleaning - although they may be able to advise on or help arrange these things. Usually the scheme manager will keep in regular contact with residents, checking that all is well each day, and help out in emergencies. They may then consult with the resident's family and with voluntary and statutory agencies to make sure that any assessed support is provided.

Remember that you can still apply for services such as MEALS AT HOME or help with bathing if you live in independent INDEPENDENT LIVING.

Who is eligible for Independent Living accommodation?

The schemes in Surrey Heath are open to people who are aged over 60. You can be a single person or part of a couple. If you have particular support needs, these will be discussed with you before you move in to make sure they are in place before your arrival.

To be considered you will need to join Surrey Heath Borough Council's Joint Housing Register

Where are the Independent Living schemes in Surrey Heath?

There are 8 housing schemes in Surrey Heath: six owned by Accent Housing and two owned by Anchor Hanover Group.

Follow the links to find out more about these schemes: