16 or 17 and homeless

16 or 17 and homeless? – We can help.

Lots of people want to live somewhere else or there is something they don’t like about where they live. It could be the rules at home, how much space they have, the cost or simply not getting on with other people who live there.  Often there is nothing we can do about these things: lots of people want to buy a house but can’t afford it, others want a Council house but there is not enough to go round. Sometimes we have to make the best of what we have.

That is not always the case: people can lose their home and become homeless, or where they live may become unsafe for them so they can no longer stay there.

If you are 16 or 17 and are not safe at home or you are homeless or think you might become homeless we can help.

In Surrey Heath the Council has an agreement with Surrey Youth Support Service to work closely to provide the best help to solve your housing problem so you have somewhere safe to live.

Surrey Youth Support Service will provide you with a support worker who will meet with you to talk about your situation and help you find ways to sort things out. This could be working things out with your family, or finding other family or friends to stay with. They also work closely with organisations that provide accommodation and support for young people. So one option might be to find you a room with one of these supported housing providers while they help you find somewhere longer term to live.

As well as help finding a home you will get support to find the best options for education and training, and working towards getting a job. If you need help with other things like money, any health issues or just generally looking after yourself they will advise you on these things as well.

Sometimes it is difficult to ask for help or tell someone there is a problem but if you think that you are going to become homeless or you do not feel safe at home the sooner we know the better. We can help in an emergency but you may find you have more choices if we have longer to look at your situation, so please talk to us early.

You can call the Youth Support Service on 01372 363655 or the Housing Options Team at Surrey Heath Borough Council on 01276 707100.

There are also people who can give you independent and confidential advice.

Shelter is a national charity providing advice for people who are homeless. You can call them on 0808 800 4444   and check out their guide for 16 and 17 year olds here.

Other Useful Contacts

Childline, for free confidential advice                                     0800    1111

Your Sanctuary, if there is domestic abuse at home             01483 776822822