A 'swap' or mutual exchange is a way of housing association and Council tenants finding a move. There are certain rules about who can swap and permission from the housing association is needed but the basic principle is two tenants meet, see each other's properties and agree to swap homes.

The Home Swap Shop in Camberley Theatre allowed tenants looking for a move to advertise their home in estate agent style adverts and let other tenants know what they are looking for.

In total 91 homes were advertised and over 70 tenants attended on the day in the hope of finding a move.

While tenants looked at the properties available children were entertained by Creation Station who provided art and craft activities for the event.

Tenants filled out a 'swap card' indicating what homes they were interested in.

Tenants have been notified of their matches and it is now up to them to follow up to see if they can find the move they are looking for. If they find someone to swap with, or would like further advice, they should contact their Housing Officer.

Many attendees gave positive feedback and asked when the next event will be. The Council and Accent South will host another event next year and in the meantime tenants can look for a move through House Exchange