Do you have a property to let?


The Council is approached daily by people looking for somewhere to live

If you have a property to let you can contact us to find out more about the help the Council can offer

These include single people and couples, and families of all sizes.

Some are relocating for work, others looking for a larger family home and some are going to lose their current home or are actually homeless.

We advise people on their housing options and can actually provide financial assistance to secure a home and help with the on-going rent where this is needed.

We can help you find the tenant that you want, help finance the tenancy and offer you and your tenant support to make the tenancy successful. Surrey Heath Borough Council will not charge landlords any fees for using this service.

We will not put anyone forward for a tenancy if we think they would not be able, or willing, to pay the rent or would be a bad tenant in any other ways.

If you have a property to let and are interested in the help the Council can offer call the Housing Solutions Team for a chat on 01276 707100 or email your details to and we will get back to you.