Street Sweeping

In Surrey Heath, two sweepers, one a large road sweeper and a pavement sweeper are used to regularly clean the roads, car parks and pavements around the borough.


Main roads are cleansed every 4 weeks and minor through routes every 6 weeks.

Where cars are parked, it is not always possible to sweep or cleanse around them, in particular where there is a risk of damage to the parked car.

Residential areas

Residential roads are mechanically swept and litter picked up every 12-13 weeks. The table below shows when different areas within Surrey Heath are due to be cleaned. The information is provided as a guide and may change due to weather conditions.

Please note: this schedule may vary due to weather conditions

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
Bagshot May August November February
Bisley June September December March
Camberley May August November February
Chobham June September December March
Deepcut April July October January
Frimley (parkside) April July October January
Frimley (Including Tomlinscote and Ansell estates) April July October January
Frimley Green April July October January
Heatherside April July October January
Lightwater May August November February
Mytchett April July October January
Old Dean May August November February
Rural Roads (borough wide) June September December March
Watchetts May August November February
West End June September December March
Windlesham May August November February

Car parks

The sweepers also cleanse major car parks around the borough each month and litter pick the landscaped perimeters.