Road Closures

In the event that a road closure is required a map should be submitted clearly identifying which roads will be affected, either directly or indirectly. 

Highlight which roads will be closed and indicate at what times. 

Consideration should also be given to how traffic will be managed and how traffic will be diverted. Where will signs and marshals be located? 

Are these marshals suitably qualified to do this work? 

Will barriers be needed and where will these be sited?

The map should include details of how traffic will be managed at key junctions and what signage will be used. 

Ideally a ‘run sheet’ should also be should also be drawn up. This should set out an ‘action-by-action’ timeline to ensure successful Traffic Management Plan delivery. It should be cross referenced against the map and should include accurate timings and clarity over who is making any decision/giving any instruction. 

All functions that require a road closure or diversion will need a Road Closure order either from:

  1. Surrey County Council Highways or 
  2. Surrey Heath Borough Council

Certain road closures for example for sporting events or road closures of a longer nature, will require a road closure from Surrey County Council.