Risk Assessment

All events must comply with Health and Safety Law and you must take all necessary precautions to ensure the event takes place safely. 

Another important part of your event planning will be preparing a risk assessment.  The risk assessment helps you to identify any hazards that could cause harm, assess the risks that arise from those hazards and decide on measures to eliminate or control these risks.

It is advisable to prepare a written risk assessment, no matter how small your event, so that this can be shared with those involved in planning and running the event. We have prepared a risk assessment template which can be used for this purpose.

The first step would be to contact Environmental Health at SHBC at least three months before the event is taking place. This is to give us time to understand the basic details and areas of planning that may require additional advice. You will be asked to provide a Management Plan, risk assessment, emergency procedures, a location and site map and in light of the current pandemic, a Covid 19 risk assessment.