Organising an Event in Surrey Heath

This section of the website provides information to organisations and persons wishing to arrange an event in Surrey Heath. The information can be used for all events regardless of size; however some parts may not be relevant for smaller events. 
These pages give general advice that should be used when arranging any type of event. However, it must be remembered that events can be extremely diverse, ranging from a simple car boot sale, to a large outdoor carnival or a music festival, and therefore this guidance cannot be considered exhaustive. It is likely that additional guidance will be required for specialist events and larger scale activities. 
It is important to plan ahead and agree the programme of activities well in advance of the event date. 
It is recommended that you approach The Surrey Heath Safety Advisory Group (SAG) for advice if you are organising an event for the first time, a larger event, an event of an unusual nature or an event that is new to Surrey Heath.

The Application Process

SHBC Council Land 

You will need permission from the Council to hold an event on Council owned Parks & Countryside sites (this includes filming). Please contact for further information. 
You will also need permission from the Council to hold an event on Council owned car parks (this includes filming).  Please contact  for further information. 

Other and SCC Highways Land.

Event organisers should follow the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) process.   
As an event organiser you have prime responsibility for protecting the health, safety and welfare of everyone working at, or attending an event. This is even more important in light of the current pandemic and as the controls are eased and we emerge from lockdown.