Free dog waste bag stations


Tikspac Petplan station
40 free dog waste bag units were installed across the Borough in 2018 following a successful trial by SHBC.
The innovative stations, from Eco Green Communities (EGC), offer free biodegradable dog waste bags - so there's no excuse for not picking up after your pet!
Sponsors currently include Blackwater Valley Vets, Dapper Dogs by Debbie and Pets Abroad UK. 
Another 40 were added in 2019 thanks to sponsorship by Petplan Insurance.
The stations will soon feature a QR code so people can easily report when the bags need refilling at a station.
Interested in sponsoring the stations? Contact

This initiative is part of a concerted effort by the Council to reduce dog fouling across the borough, including the introduction of Public Space Protection Order legislation which includes taking action against irresponsible dog owners (

The Council are committed to enforce dog fouling restrictions across Surrey Heath - we encourage members of the public who see people not picking up after their pet to report it via

Locations of free dog waste bag stations


  • Badger Swift Way, Bagshot (outside Bagshot Infants) - 1 station. GU19 5BP. 
  • Badger Swift Way, Bagshot (outside Connaught Juniors) - 1 station. GU19 5JY.
  • Green Lane (opposite Bagshot Manor) - 1 station. GU19 5NL.
  • Bagshot Playing Fields, College Ride - 1 station. GU19 5EN.
  • Freemantle Road, Bagshot (by play area) - 1 station. GU19 5LY.
  • Whitmoor Road, Connaught Park, Bagshot (footpath to woods between Houlton Court & Laird Court) - 1 station. GU19 5QQ.


  • Bisley Recreation Ground (entrance to playing field by pedestrian crossing) - 1 station. GU24 9EG.
  • Arethusa Way Greenspace (by entrance) - 1 station GU24 9BY.
  • Elder Road Greenspace (opposite Iris Rd on footpath by bin) - 1 station GU24 9SA.


  • Amber Hill (by play area) -1 station. GU15 1EB.
  • Kings Ride / Mathews Road (entrance to Common) - 1 station. GU15 4LY.
  • Ramsay Close (footpath / cycle path by bin) - 1 station. GU15 1JS.
  • Hanson Close (footpath / cycle path Consort Drive End) - 1 station. GU15 1PX.
  • Camberley Park (entrance by Hope Hub) - 1 station. GU15 3SY.
  • Southcote Park, Portsmouth Road, Camberley entrance (Footpath from car park) - 1 station.
  • Watchetts Recreation Ground, Park Road, Camberley (First parking area along drive) - 1 station. GU15 2SR.
  • Watchetts Drive (footpath entrance to rec) - 1 station. GU15 2PQ.
  • London Road Recreation Ground, Grand Avenue, Camberley (on footpath entrance from the Avenue, main entrance on post & rail) 2 stations. GU15 3QH.
  • Watchmoor Nature Reserve, Camberley (in parking area toward pond) - 1 station. GU15 3YN.
  • Admiralty Way, Camberley (by bridge over River Blackwater) - 1 station. GU15 3DT.
  • Old Dean Recreation Ground, Bracknell Road, Camberley (in car park by bowls club) - 1 station. GU15 4BD.
  • Upper College Ride (Old Dean Hill entrance to woods by dog bins) - 1 station.GU15 4JX.
  • Watchetts Lake (entrance from Verran Rd) - 1 station. GU15 2ND.
  • Crabtree Road Rec (car park) - 1 station. GU15 2SZ.


  • Chobham Recreation Ground, Station Road, Chobham (top car park near play area) - 1 station. GU24 8AQ.
  • Chobham Rugby Club (in car park to playing fields) - 1 station. GU24 8LD.
  • Red Lion Rd (by entrance to Burrow Hill by Bench & litter bin) - 1 station. GU24 8QR
  • Chobham Place Woods, Windsor Road, Chobham (on footpath at top of car park) - 1 station. GU24 8TP.
  • Chobham SANG, Windsor Road, Chobham (car park behind the Chobham Rider on footpath) - 1 station. GU24 8LZ
  • Chobham SANG, Windsor Road, Chobham (car park behind the Chobham Rider by yellow barrier) - 1 station. GU24 8LZ


  • Dettingen Estate (junction of Cyprus Road and Alma Gardens) - 1 Station. GU16 6TS.
  • Dettingen Estate (entrance to SANG off Newfoundland Rd) - 1 station. GU16 6SZ.
  • Deepcut Bridge Rd (Highway verge adjacent to SANG noticeboard & bins) - 1 station. GU16 6QX.
  • Blackdown Road, Recreation Ground - 1 station. GU16 6QJ.
  • Mindenhurst Development, The Royal Way - 2 stations. GU16 6SX.


  • Frimley Lodge Park, Sturt Road  (by info board near Café, canal towpath near dipping pond, car park near mini railway & car park by BBQ area) - 4 stations. GU16 6NS.
  • Frimley Fuel Allotments (woods entrance off Alphington Ave) - 1 station. GU16 8LL.
  • Balmoral Drive (balancing pond by litter bin & bench) - 1 station. GU16 9AR.
  • Tomlins Pond, Tomlins Avenue, Camberley - 1 station. GU16 8LJ.
  • Chobham Road Rec (entrance from Chobham Rd) - 1 station. GU16 8PD.
  • Keaver Drive SANG (St Catherines Rd entrance) - 1 station. GU16 7NJ.

Frimley Green

  • The Green at Frimley Green (on the Green, junction with The Hatches) - 1 station. GU16 6HF.
  • Frimley Green Recreation Ground, Frimley Green Road – Parks (Main car park toward play area, on footpath entrance off Sandringham, on footpath entrance off Beresford Close) - 3 stations. GU16 6HY.


  • Theobalds Way Greenspace (by footpath) - 1 station. GU16 9RF.
  • Cheylesmore Drive Greenspace (by footpath on Wingfield Gdns) - 1 station. GU16 9QD.
  • Wellingtonia Avenue (Off Inglewood Ave) - 1 station GU15 1SL.
  • Heatherside Recreation Ground, Cumberland Road, Camberley (on footpath near public toilets off Martindale Avenue. On Wellingtonia Ave entrance off Cumberland Avenue) - 2 stations. GU15 1AY 


  • Lightwater Country Park (main entrance by barrier, top car park at footpath entrance toward High Curley, secondary car park past public toilets) - 3 stations. GU18 5RG.
  • The Briars Centre, Briar Avenue, Lightwater (next to car park by barrier) - 1 station. GU18. 5UN. 
  • Lightwater Recreation Ground (car park entrance to playing field) - 1 station. GU18 5SJ.
  • Turf Hill Woods, Lightwater (In car park) - 1 station. GU18 5SP.


  • Mytchett Centre (roundabout entrance) - 1 station. GU16 6AA.
  • Salisbury Grove (Lynwood Drive junction) - 1 station. GU16 6BX.
  • The Quays by entrance to Blackwater Valley Footpath - 1 station. GU16 6DS.
  • Mytchett Recreation Ground – car park by play area - 1 station. GU16 6JD.

West End

  • Tringham Hall, Playing Fields, Benner Lane, West End (entrance off Streets Heath) - 1 station. GU24 9JP.
  • Tringham Village Hall (pond new footpath) - 1 station. GU24 9QU.
  • Sandpit Hill Woods (car park off Gordon Boys Roundabout) - 1 station GU24 9PU.
  • Brentmoor Heath (footpath off broad Street / Birch Lane) - 1 station. GU24 9NL.
  • Fuchsia Way (between Erica Close & Mahonia Close) - 1 station GU24 9NY.
  • West End bowls Club (footpath from car park to play area) - 1 station. GU24 9PF.
  • Windermere SANG (in car parking area) - 1 station. GU24 9QL. (NB: 1 additional unit to be installed)


  • Windlesham Field of Remembrance, Kennel Lane, Windlesham (in main car park) - 1 station. GU20 6AE.
  • Windlesham Field of Remembrance, entrance top of School Lane - 1 station. GU20 6EY.
  • Windmill Field Greenspace (footpath from Windmill Field) - 1 station. GU20 6QD.
  • Highwaymans Ridge (between Turpins Rise & Mill Pond Rd) - 1 station. GU20 6NG.
  • Brickmakers Arms Car Park (entrance to woods by litter bin) - 1 station. GU20 6HT.
  • Kings Lane Windlesham by junction Chertsey Road - 1 station. GU20 6HR.