In Surrey Heath there is no Dog Warden but we do have a contractor who collects and may deliver back lost and stray dogs. 

Dog Control

Stray Dogs

  • Collection of dogs by owners: £81.00, plus a variable fee per overnight stay in kennel - Statutory charge locally determined
  • Veterinary Fees: Payable if need for treatment determined.
  • Collection of dogs - out of hours: £107.00, plus a variable fee per overnight stay in kennel

Dog Fouling

Failure to clean up after your dog is an offence. Anyone seen allowing their dog to foul, and not cleaning up after, may be prosecuted.

If you are aware of anyone who is allowing their dog(s) to foul in a public space and is not clearing it up, please contact us.

Within the Borough the dog walker must scoop their dog's mess up from all designated land to which the public have access. Designated land includes:

  • Footways and paths of all descriptions
  • Play areas, picnic sites and outdoor eating places
  • Sport playing pitches including 5 metre border
  • Formal parks and land where the grass is cut
  • Land outside schools and hospitals
  • Car parks, public transport bays and surrounds
  • Cycleways and surfaced areas near to houses
  • Basingstoke Canal towpath
  • Shopping areas, markets and public circulation areas
  • Cemeteries and war memorials
  • Land surrounding toilets, recycling sites and public buildings

To dispose of dog faeces:

Use the provided dog bins or place in any of our litter bins, providing the poop is bagged and tied!

Never allow your pet to foul anywhere where people walk and play.

Please note: The Order does not apply to: heathland, woodland and common land providing fouling of car parks, footways, formal area, picnic and play spaces is not allowed to occur. (An additional one-metre mess-free border applies to footpaths).


Good dog owners want to keep their dog happy and healthy so it is important to make sure your dog is wormed regularly.

Garden Accumulation

If a person allows a large quantity of dog faeces to accumulate in their garden it may cause problems through smell and flies, which could have an adverse effect on their neighbours. Hopefully any problem can be dealt with informally. If, however, this is not the case, then the council may serve an abatement notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requiring the owner/occupier of the premises to clear the garden of all dog faeces and maintain it in a clean condition. If a person on whom an abatement notice is served contravenes or fails to comply with the notice they shall be guilty of an offence.

Stray Dogs

All local Councils are required to collect stray dogs. Any dog found straying will be picked up.

Found a dog

if you can:

  1. Return the dog to its owner (if known, check collar)
  2. If found in our Borough, report to our stray dog contractor - call 01276 707100 in the first instance. The dog must be held in a secure location to be picked up.

Once our contractor is contacted, it may be up to two hours until the dog is collected. 

Dangerous dogs must be reported to the Police.

Owners may incur a fine for found dogs that are not correctly identified by an up to date microchip.

A dog owner has up to 7 days to claim back their pet. The owner will have to pay a fixed fee set by the Government plus all kennelling and veterinary fees incurred. The total charges have to be paid in full before a dog can be returned.

Any dog that is not claimed within seven days will be rehomed or passed on to an appropriate rescue organisation.

Lost a Dog

Report your lost dog/claim back your lost dog using our online form.

If you lose your dog you should contact Surrey Heath Borough Council using the online form above or telephone 01276 707100 to see if your dog has been picked up.

Our Contracted Dog Service will check your dog's identification and discuss arrangements for its return or your collection.

The current charges are as follows:

  • £81 for the pick up and return of the dog during normal working hours plus a further charge per night spent in the kennels and the cost of any veterinary treatment
  • Out of hours charge to pick up and return your dog is £107 plus a further charge per night kennelling fee and the cost of any veterinary treatment.

The total amount must be paid before your dog will be returned. The stray dog contractor will be able to advise you how much is due to be paid online.

Payment during normal working hours should be made online (see below), or in person at the Council Offices or direct to our contractor.
Payments for dogs collected out of normal working hours (after 4.30 Monday - Friday and weekends) you may pay online - see below:

Once you have the reference number from our contractor (which is a 6 digit number i.e. 0136/08 if paying online), you will need to go to the Make A Payment webpage. Once your payment has been made you will be asked if you require an email receipt, your answer should be yes. Once the email receipt comes through, please contact  our contractor with this proof of payment to enable the return of your dog.

Dogs on Roads

View the Control on Dogs on Roads schedule.

Road Accidents

All road accidents involving dogs should be reported to the Police within 24 hours.

Pet-ID or Microchip

From April 2016 it will be a legal requirement for all dogs to be micro chipped. Free microchipping service is available from Dogs Trust at a vet near you. Visit or telephone 0330 123 0334 for your nearest participating vet. Remember to update your details with your microchip provider if you move house or change telephone numbers.

Collar and Tag

The easiest way of ensuring the safe return of your dog is to provide your dog with a collar and tag. Under the Control of Dogs Order 1993 every dog while in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of its owner inscribed on it or on a disc attached to it. 

Barking Dogs

In law, a barking dog can be a noise nuisance. The owner can be taken to court if they do nothing to stop the nuisance.

Dogs are not by nature solitary animals. They need the security of a family group. Pet dogs regard their owners as a substitute family and can soon become distressed when left alone.

It’s normal and natural for dogs to bark. But when barking happens a lot, or goes on for a long time, it can be annoying and upsetting for your neighbours. 

View the Is your dog barking too much? guidance on the Government website.

To raise a noise complaint about barking dogs, please telephone our contact centre on 01276 707100. Please see our Noise Nuisance webpage for more information.

Dangerous Dogs

Dog Bites

After obtaining medical attention always report the incident to the Police who investigate dog on human attacks.

Dog on other animal attacks may be investigated by the Council - please call 01276 707100.

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

Many dog owners think that the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 only applies to specific breeds e.g. the Pit Bull Terrier. This is not the case, Section 3 of the Act refers to all dogs of any type or breed and makes it a criminal offence to allow any dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place or a private place where the dog has no right to be.

A dog is regarded as "dangerously out of control" under the Act if there are grounds for suspecting that it will injure a person, whether or not it actually does so. If no injury is caused, the maximum sentence is a fine of £2,000 and/or six months imprisonment. Where actual injury is caused the maximum sentence is two years imprisonment and/or unlimited fine, plus if appropriate, destruction of the dog.

The Court can also specify particular forms of restriction, such as muzzling or leashing, for all types of dog, as well as having the power to disqualify owners from having custody of a dog for any period of time felt appropriate.

For further information regarding your dog and the law, please contact the Dog Line on 01276 707100.

Useful Contacts

Buying Dogs

For a free list of reputable breeders of pedigree dogs contact the Kennel Club. If you want an older dog or a non-pedigree puppy, contact a dog rescue organisation.

Re-homing Dogs

Contact the Dogs Trust on 01483 658391 or Battersea Dogs Home on 01784 432929 for advice regarding re-homing of unwanted dogs.


Contact the RSPCA if you believe a dog or any animal is being neglected, cruelly treated or used for illegal purposes such as dog fighting.


Central Control 0870 5555 999 or 0300 1234 999 for complaints