Graffiti Removal

It is the responsibility of Surrey Heath Borough Council to remove graffiti on highways and public land. This could be painting over the graffiti, using a special chemical to dissolve it (provided the surface underneath is not then damaged), or pressure washing.

For graffiti on private property it is the responsibility of the owner/occupier to remove. Further contact information for graffiti removal is provided in the table below. 

Did you witness?

Anyone caught carrying out acts of graffiti can be issued with a fixed penalty notice. If you are willing to provide information which may lead to a prosecution, please complete the following form

Further contacts

If graffiti is on....


Highways and Public Land Report graffiti 
Street Name Signs (i.e. road signs etc) Report graffiti 
Bus Shelters View further information on Bus Shelters
Private Property Responsibility of the property owner
Telephone and Control Boxes British Telecom
Tel: 0800 800 150
Cable junction boxes Virgin Media
Tel: 0345 454 1111
Water Board Tel: 01784 426424
Transco (Gas) Tel: 01753 803461
Electricity Tel: 01708 334759
South East Water Tel: 01892 822515