Fly Posting


Fly posting is the illegal display of advertisements and notices on the public highway or without permission of the Planning Authority. This includes display on street furniture, staked in roundabouts, and stapled to trees. All fly posting will be removed on a regular basis from street furniture and council land.

Shops and takeaways, community halls and similar venues are often willing to display notices inside their premises.

Formal investigations will be carried out into both those putting up the posters and any venue benefiting from the advertisement. A fixed penalty notice will be issued to anyone caught displaying posters illegally.  Person(s) found either to be responsible for the display of such unauthorised material or deriving pecuniary benefit from same, are liable to prosecution in a Magistrates court.

Who should I contact?

For fly posting on / in the following situations please contact:

Car parks and recycling sites Report fly posting 
Highway sign posts Report fly posting
Parks and playing fields Contact Surrey Heath Greenspace Team on 01276 707100 or email
Any private property, fences, walls, posts etc Please contact the property owner. The Council cannot enter or touch private property.
Illegal Advertisement on Motor Vehicles Contact Planning Enforcement on 01276 707100 or

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