Energy Rebate Scheme 2022

The Government has provided funding for billing authorities to give all households in England, whose primary residence is valued in council tax bands A – D a one-off council tax energy rebate payment of £150. This payment will operate outside of the council tax system, using council tax lists to identify eligible households. 
The Government has also provided funding for billing authorities to operate a discretionary fund for households in need who would not otherwise be eligible. Surrey Heath is in the process of drafting a local discretionary scheme for approval by your local elected councillors. The scheme may include, for example, individuals on low incomes who qualify for Local Council Tax Support and  live in properties valued in bands E – H. 
Payments have been made to 12,941 eligible households that paid their 2 or 16 April 2022 instalment by Direct Debit. Those eligible households who pay their council tax for the first time by Direct Debit in May 2022 will paid during May 2022.
Those who do not pay by Direct Debit will need to who apply using the online application process and once the necessary checks on the bank details provided have been completed payment will be made. The online application form is under final development and will be available early June 2022.  For those with no access to a bank account  we may offer to credit your council tax account with the £150.
You can view official details about the scheme on the government website.
We will send out an updates as the implementation of this scheme progress and we have further information to share.