Full-Time Student Discount


If someone who lives with you is a student you may qualify for a reduction in your council tax bill. The reduction will apply if the total number living at the property, disregarding the student, is less than two.

Council tax is based on the assumption that at least two adults are resident in the property, but if the number actually resident is less than two, the liable person pays a lower amount through a discount being allowed. When counting the number of adults resident in the property, certain classes of person will be disregarded for the purposes of the discount. Please note that if you are applying for a Student Disregard you will need to supply a Student Exemption Certificate which is available from the College/University’s Administration Office.

Students are a class of person that will not be counted as resident in a property when assessing entitlement to council tax discounts.

The description of 'students' also covers apprentices and those on youth training schemes, student nurses and foreign language assistants for which there are separate application forms.

The definition of students includes:-

  • persons in respect of whom child benefit is payable,
  • full time students.

"Persons in respect of whom child benefit is payable" covers those who are eighteen years of age and over where someone else is entitled to receive child benefit in respect of them.

"Full time students" covers those in full time education at a prescribed establishment where:-

  • the course is at least an academic or calendar year,
  • they attend for at least 24 weeks in each year,
  • they have periods of study, tuition and work experience for an average of 21 hours a week;

those who are under twenty years of age and whose course:-

  • is not covered by the above,
  • lasts more than 3 calendar months,
  • is not higher education,
  • is not principally a correspondence course,
  • is carried out mainly between 8.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.; and
  • those nurses on Project 2000.

The prescribed educational establishments for students are:-

  • a university
  • a PCFC funded institution
  • a theological college
  • any institution established solely or mainly to provide further or higher courses of education
  • an institution accredited by the Teacher Training Agency