Safe Food and Stock Control

Safe Food

Consider any new risks to food safety by any changes that you have made to your business and procedures, for example, introduction of takeaway service or new controls due to Covid.
Review and document any new procedures and update your Food Safety Management System.

Stock Control

Check all food stock to ensure it is in date, any food found beyond its ”Use By” date must be disposed of, any food beyond a ”Best before” date must be checked to ensure its of good quality and safe to eat. If you're in doubt, throw it away.  If any packaging has been compromised or where labelling of high risk foods is illegible, the food must be discarded.  
Ensure all food has been stored in line with manufacturer’s instructions, for example, any opened or unsealed product has been stored in line with labelled instruction such as ‘Once opened consume within x weeks’.
Has the chill chain been compromised? Look for ice crystals in frozen foods. If you are unsure whether the food has defrosted and been refrozen, dispose of the food. 
For foods frozen prior to closure, check labelling and records to ensure that it is still safe to eat. Ensure the shelf life is in line with your safe procedures and any manufacturer’s instructions. 
Upon delivery, check that the food is labelled correctly and in English. Any of the 14 allergens must be highlighted in bold in the ingredients list. For foods that are supplied loose or without packaging, ensure the labelling information, including allergen information, is provided in a document accompanying them.   
Ensure all new food delivered is of suitable quality, the packaging is not damaged, there is no evidence of pest, it arrives at a suitable temperature and has a suitable shelf life so can be safely used within your business within the time allotted.
Food businesses must remember their legal obligations to only place safe food on the market (including providing accurate allergen information to customers). Any changes to product, packaging or processing requires a full review of the business’s food safety management system (HACCP or SFBB).