Staff Hygiene and Wellbeing

More than ever, good personal hygiene and hygienic food handling practices are vital to ensure that food is safe and to control the transmission of COVID-19.

Update your Fitness to Work policy to reflect COVID-19 and the need for those exhibiting symptoms to self-isolate in line with government guidelines. Ensure that all staff are aware of your updated policy.

Ensure that staff have sufficient uniforms and aprons so that they can change them before each shift.

Ensure that staff who wash their own clothing use a hot wash cycle.

Provide a suitable area for staff to change into their work clothes when they arrive at work and provide a safe place for them to store their personal effects.

If your business requires staff to wear PPE, regularly check you have adequate stocks available.

Train staff on safe hand washing principles along with current government guidelines.

Retrain all staff in food processes and monitoring practices for which they are responsible. Make a record of the refresher training that you have provided and to whom.

Re-training staff on dilution rates, cleaning procedures and safe use of chemicals.


It is important you know that your staff are mentally and physically fit to return to work. They may have, or know someone, who has been seriously affected by COVID-19. Their mental and/or financial health could be suffering as a result of lockdown and staff may need time to adapt to the return to work. Recognise that there is likely to be a period of adjustment and encourage support and kindness in your team.