Additional Restrictions Grant (Recovery)

Applications for the next round of ARG Recovery will open at midday on the 2nd September, the link to the application form will be made available on this page, and notifications will be sent via our newsletter and social media.

Form for businesses

Form for taxi drivers

Subsidy allowance declaration

Additional Restrictions Grant (Recovery) - September 2021

4 types of grant are available, and businesses are expected to have read the Guidance fully before applying as the guidance sets out the requirements for each of the 5 areas of grant which are:
  • Debt Support – up to £10,000 can be awarded to support payment of rent and other arrears which are fundamental to the business’s continuation.
  • Stock Purchase – up to £5,000 to support initial re-stocking of necessary items required to undertake work within one month or an initial event.
  • Adhoc grant to support recovery – up to £2,000 This is where a small project or requirements does not fit into any of the above categories, but a small grant will be able to support the businesses recovery and sustainability
  • Licenced Taxi Drivers one off grant - £2,000 grant will be provided to those drivers within the Borough who did not benefit from the scheme earlier in 2021. This is therefore only open to drivers who have not previously claimed. If drivers have received a grant from a different authority, they cannot benefit from the Surrey Heath Scheme also.
Grants are open to all businesses and the self-employed within Surrey Heath, proof of this will be required as part of the application process. As these grants will be made up front of any business expenditure, proof of purchase and other post award reviews will be undertaken to ensure the grants are used how the application states, an agreement will be made between SHBC and the business prior to grant award of how these reviews will be undertaken and when the evidence of spend is produced. Failure to do so could result in monies being reclaimed by SHBC.
Grants made speculatively outside of the guidance above will not be processed.