Surrey Heath Partnership

The Surrey Heath Partnership is a single body that brings together different parts of the public sector, as well as the business, community voluntary to work collaboratively to benefit the community of Surrey Heath.  The statutory members of the Surrey Heath Partnership are:

Our Objectives

With an active, local partnership, Surrey Heath welcomes the development of the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Strategy, and support the 3 focus areas that consist of:

  • Support Children to develop skills for life.
  • Supporting Adults to succeed professionally/and or through volunteering.
  • Supporting Communities to be and feel safe.
The Surrey Heath Partnership has a local annual plan
If you would like to feedback what you think our most important priorities are for local residents, communities and agencies to work together to address, please email

Surrey Heath Health & Wellbeing Board

The Surrey Heath Health & Wellbeing Board was established in April 2013, in response to the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The Borough Council boundaries are virtually the same as the then new, Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group and so the Surrey Heath Health and Wellbeing Board was formed by the two Authorities, with the Surrey County Council Adult Services and Public Health Teams, with an aim to harness opportunities for promoting and encouraging good health and active lifestyles.

Please note that the Health and Wellbeing plan is currently under review and will be updated in due course.


We want to know what you think are the most important priorities for local residents, communities and agencies to work together to address. Please help us by completing the form below: