Major Repairs & Maintenance

Major Repair Grant

If you require major repairs carried out on your home but do not have sufficient equity left in your home for a loan to be secured against it and if you are in severe financial hardship, you may qualify for a Major Repair Grant. All applicants will be subject to a test of financial resources to determine how much, if any that he or she can contribute towards the cost of the work. The maximum grant that can be paid is £25,000.

We regret that a grant cannot be paid for work, which has started or completed prior to grant approval.

There are also a number of smaller grants available for specific purposes. (Not more than one grant in 3 years will be given to the same applicant or the same property.) These are:

Maintenance Grant

If you require essential repairs carried out to your property and if you are in receipt of income based benefits or on low income you may qualify for a maintenance grant to assist with the costs of the work. The type of work for which you may receive a grant include:

  • Replacing loose and insecure tiles and slates
  • Resurfacing defective flat roofs
  • Replacement or repair of gutters and down pipe
  • Repairs to windows and doors
  • Renewal of defective electrical wiring
  • Replacement of defective plumbing e.g. supply pipework, cold water storage tank, hot water cylinder, electric water heaters and gas boilers.
  • Repair or renewal of hazardous paving
  • Repair of defective stairs and floors.
  • Repair to guarding on balconies.
  • Repair to defective window catches, safety devices or opening lights.

To qualify for grant assistance an applicant must:

Be aged 18 years or over on the date of application
Be an owner/occupier or a private tenant, or an occupant who occupies the dwelling under a right of exclusive occupation grant for his life or for a period of more than three years
Be on an income-related benefit:

  • Guarantee Pension Credit
  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Working Families Tax Credit
  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Disabled Persons Tax Credit

Have a power to carry out the work
Have lived in the dwelling for a period of three years prior to the application
Not been awarded a minor works grant by this Council within the last three years prior to application

The maximum grant is limited to £5000.

We regret that a grant cannot be paid for work, which has started or completed prior to grant approval.