ICT Equipment Recycling Scheme

The Council wherever possible actively works to re-cycle and reuse ICT equipment.  With the recent pandemic in 2020 and 2021 an agile working strategy has been adopted so that staff can work from home, and the office, and laptops have been made available to staff.

During this time Colleagues in ICT have worked to provide re-configured PC’s, with new WIFI dongles and a Windows OEM license. This was first introduced in December 2020 with PC’s being donated to local schools where children who were home schooled, and did not have other options available. Since this time other support has continued with requests from local families, schools and young job seekers.  
The ICT team have approximately 100 P/C’s available and to ensure that the Council adopts a fair and transparent approach with the donation requests that are received the following simple criteria is adopted.

Applicant Criteria

  1. The equipment will be donated to not for profit groups, which consist of: constituted groups, registered charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Community Interest Company, no cash alternative is available.
  2. The ‘not for profit’ organisation must clearly evidence the delivery of services in Surrey Heath.
  3. It is acknowledged that the ICT equipment is not new and is provided without warranty, but will be refurbished with a new dongle and Windows licence, keyboard and mouse.
  4. Priorities will be given to local charities identified as high need by the Surrey Heath Community Support Working Group.  
  5. All requests will be referred to the Support and Safeguarding Portfolio Holder, Cllr Sarah Jane Croke for decision.  
  6. Where possible the recipient will publicise the PC donation from the Council. 
  7. It is recognised that these rules cannot cover every eventuality or combination of circumstances and therefore the decision of SHBC is final.

How to apply

Please fully complete the ICT Equipment Recycling Scheme Application Form.

If you require any additional information please email Community.Development@surreyheath.gov.uk