Carecall logoOur CareCall service offers a daily call via your community alarm unit to check on your welfare, offering reassurance to you, your family and friends.

Supporting you

Calls are made from the 24 hour Monitoring Centre by fully trained operators. They will check on your wellbeing and arrange support or assistance if required. Each client is required to have a nominated responder who will be contacted by the Monitoring Centre when support or assistance is needed.

Tailored for you

Calls can be received within a one hour window between 7am and 9pm. This can be set to best suit your needs and agreed on when joining the service.

Sign up

CareCall is an additional service available to all our Community Alarm users for just 50p per day. To arrange CareCall, please contact our team on 01276 707659 to discuss your requirements. If you are interested in CareCall but do not yet have a Community Alarm installed, please contact our team.