Kids Zone: Nature

young girl splashing in a puddle

There are lots of ways you can get closer to nature and explore the natural world around you. 

Have you heard about...

  • Have you heard about 30 Days Wild? It's the UK's biggest nature challenge and it runs all throughout June 2022! Upon signing up, you'll get a free pack of goodies to help you plan your wild month.
  • Have you heard about the Surrey Wildlife Trust? Together with their members and volunteers, the Surrey Wildlife Trust work to protect wildlife across Surrey. Why not check out their family and children activities? They also have lots of tips about helping wildlife at home.
  • Have you seen the National Trust’s list of 50 things to do before you're 11¾ to get closer to nature? From creating wildlife art to stargazing, there are some great ways you can enjoy nature!
  • Have you tried the RSPB’s fun ways to connect with nature? There are lots of ways to get wild, from building your own minibeast hotel to making a hedgehog café. You could also take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch!
  • Have you heard about the Thames Basin Heaths SPA? Why not try some of the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership’s Heathland at Home activities! There are lots of fun activities to try, from a heathland crossword to making your own bird from salt dough.
  • Have you heard about Great Big Green Week? It's an annual event in September which celebrates how communities are taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces, and encourages others to get involved too.
  • Check out the latest nature-themed events you can get involved in on our Nature Events webpage!

Easy Make

Making a home for bees  

Bee numbers are falling, so by giving them a home you'll be encouraging nature into your garden and helping bee populations. Gardens with bees mean that our flowers and fruit will be pollinated and then set seed and most importantly produce fruit for us. To make bees welcome we can add quiet areas in the garden for wildlife, such as bees, to take over. Bee homes are fun to make and can be made into a pretty, as well as a useful, feature in the garden. 

What you will need: 

  • A terracotta plant pot (9 - 15cm in size) 
  • Modelling clay 
  • Plastic straws or bamboo canes 
  • String 

What to do: 

Cut the straws or bamboo canes to a length that fits the depth of your pot. If you are using bamboo canes you will need a grown up to carry out this part as it’s tricky. 

Tie the bundle of straws or canes together with a piece of string. 

Place some modelling clay in the bottom of the pot and stick the bundle of straws or canes in to the clay. 

Place the pot horizontally in your garden in a quiet place for the bees to move in! 

bee house

Make a scarecrow! 

Have you got a garden with any flowers, or fruit and vegetables planted in it?

Maybe it’s about time you made a scarecrow to keep watch over your crops and stop the birds eating any seeds you have planted out?

Scarecrows are great places for bugs to hide out and soon become part of the family - best of all you can dress them in your old clothes and give them a funny name! 

Make a Mini-pond!

Help your local wildlife and make a Mini-pond. All you need is some pebbles, a jug of water and a bowl. Watch creatures inhabit your mini-pond. Note down which species come to visit your mini-pond and research how rare they are in your area/ the UK. Follow the instructions and share your project with your friends and family.