Kids Zone: Energy

group of children in a classroom learning about renewable energy

What is energy?

Energy is used to power things like electrical items, lights, heating, some cars and machinery.

There are two types – 

  • non renewable energy is created using fossil fuels, which are bad for the environment, due to the carbon they release. This adds to the problem of climate change.
  • renewable energy is collected from natural sources that don’t run out like the sun (solar power), wind, rain, the tides, and geothermal heat (from under the ground).

These sources are 'carbon neutral' - so they don't add to the problem of climate change.

You may have seen some examples of collecting renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines when you're out and about. See if you can spot them on your next trip outside!


How you can help

  • Ask your grown ups if they use a green energy supplier for your home - and if they don't, see if they might consider it.
  • Consider getting a hybrid or electric car in your family, rather than one that uses petrol or diesel.
  • Install solar panels on your home to help produce energy - it will make your bills cheaper and be good for the environment!