Caring for children

Claiming benefits has always been a difficult area – the many rules and regulations make it hard to know which benefits may apply.
The following booklet helps to identify which benefits families have a right to claim, and will also signpost you to other agencies who can offer further help and advice.
It is aimed at anyone who is caring for a child or a young person on a day to day basis. This can include parents, grandparents or other people who have the overall responsibility for day to day care of a child. It does not cover people who are foster parents, or who are child minders.
Please note: 
The information in this booklet is general information only and is intended to help you identify which benefits might be appropriate. If you need more specific information, please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or one of the other agencies listed in the booklet.
The information is correct at the date of publication – but please remember that benefits rules and amounts payable change regularly.