Residential Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document


Surrey Heath recognises that the design of the residential environment has a significant impact on people’s quality of life.  The Council is committed to ensuring the design of all residential developments in the borough contributes to making distinctive, sustainable and attractive places which provide for better health and wellbeing and a higher quality living environment for all. 

At times in the past, the Council has had difficulty in resisting development that is poor quality because of a lack of detailed and up to date guidance on what the Council considers to be good and poor quality residential design.

The Residential Design Guide SPD has been prepared to fill this gap.  Specifically, the SPD sets out to give guidance to the development industry, the Council and the public on how to ensure that the Borough’s future housing development has the required high quality design to help deliver the Great Place, Community and Future desired for Surrey Heath.

Regulation 13 Residential Design Guide SPD

The Council's Executive agreed on the 7 March 2017 that a Regulation 13 draft of the Residential Design Guide SPD should be released for consultation purposes. 

Commenting on the draft Residential Design Guide SPD

The consultation was open between 22 March 2017 until 28 April 2017 and so is now closed.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The Borough Council, in consultation with the Environment Agency, English Heritage and Natural England determined under Regulation 9 of the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 that Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was not required for the Residential Design Guide SPD. It was also determined that a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) was not required for the SPD.

A hard copy of the Residential Design Guide SPD or the SEA Determination may be purchased on request to the Borough Council by contacting 01276 707100 or emailing