Recycling Activities for Schools

Activities can be a useful part of a Recycling, Environment or Science Week to encourage everyone to turn thought into action!

If you are looking at recycling, Recycle Now have produced a useful guide that covers many of the recycling symbols used on packaging.

If you require advice or would like an activity on a particular topic not listed, please do get in touch


Description & downloads



Think of an object for every letter of the alphabet - quick as you can !
Suggest white board or flip-chart for this activity - and a stopwatch. Apply different themes to suit

Fill in the gaps, in any order, then review

A-Z examples/solutions


Get the right balance of ingredients.


Victorian and Tudor life styles show just how much waste has changed. Jobs and shopping are always interesting areas to look at. 

The dustbins and Destructors of the Victorian time tell us a great deal about waste during this era

Tudor eating habits and methods of waste disposal certainly give us 'food for thought' !


How to identify different types of plastic

Plastics poem (4 per A4 page)

Information about the types of plastic you can recycle in Surrey Heath

Weights & Measures

The aim of this activity is to give a sense of scale to the weight of our rubbish. A walrus sounds heavy (this is roughly what an average household throws away every year); a vole sounds small and light.

Measuring waste using animal weights (work sheet - 2 per page)

Don't Forget the Wastebuster programme!

Captain Busta (the Intergalactic space monkey) and Lieutenant Pong are always looking for new Recycling Recruits! Through an array of practical activities & multimedia teaching resources, Wastebuster aims to make Wastebusting an exciting part of the curriculum.