Rambler's Association - Surrey Heath Group

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Laurence Welch (Group Secretary)

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01252 678012

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  • Walking Association

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  • Leisure Organisation

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The Ramblers' Association is Britain's biggest walking charity. We have been working for over 70 years to promote walking and to improve conditions for everyone who walks in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Surrey Heath Group was formed in 1995 and has about 300 members. We arrange a programme of attractive and varied walks, usually two each week, one mid-week and one at the weekend.

The most popular walks are 5 to 6 miles which we complete in 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the terrain. Longer walks of 9 or 10 miles feature regularly, shorter ones occasionally. It is our aim to make the walk an enjoyable experience for all concerned. The friendliness of our group is the comment most often made by visitors.

We arrange occasional social activities and group walking holidays for those who wish to participate. We also help to ensure that our area's footpaths are clear and maintained, usually having a couple of "work parties" a year.

There is no charge for joining one of our normal walks, your membership of the Ramblers' Association covers the group's overheads and entitles you to participate in as many, or as few, walks as you wish. Visitors are welcome to try out walking with our group for a few walks without any charge; more than that and we would expect you to join the Ramblers.