The Parking Subsidy Season Ticket enables lower paid staff who commute to work in shops or offices across Surrey Heath to apply for a discounted parking Season Ticket.

Parking Subsidy Season Tickets will apply to park in a specific car park and each car park will have a maximum limit to ensure the availability of parking for daily customers and other Season Ticket holders.
Qualifying Criteria
To be eligible for the Parking Subsidy Season Ticket, applicants must:  
  • Work in a commercial centre in the borough
  • Drive a minimum of 2 miles for their place of residence to their place of work
  • Earn less than the National Living Wage plus 10% per hour. This is currently £8.72 per hour + 10% gives an hourly rate of £9.59. Should earnings increase above this figure the person will no longer be eligible for the Season Ticket.
Required Documents:
Proof of Earnings. Acceptable documents include:
  • Copy of payslips
  • A letter on headed paper from your employer stating the hourly rate which you are paid and place of work
  • A copy of contract of employment
Proof of Residence. Acceptable documents include:
  • A recent utility bill, bank statement or payslip no more than 3 months old (electricity, gas, landline phone, water bill)
  • Benefit Award Statement, Tenancy Agreement or letter from your landlord confirming your tenancy
Photocopies and online downloads of the above will be accepted.
150 Season Tickets are available across the borough at a price of £120 each per annum or £10 each month payable by direct debit on a first come first served basis.
The season ticket will be issued for a specific car park and made available on a pro-rata basis based on the spaces available in each car park
  • Main Square multi-storey car park – Not available Pro rata space
  • Knoll Road multi-storey car park 606 spaces 85 Season Tickets
  • Bagshot pay and display car park 95 spaces 15 Season Tickets
  • Chobham pay and display car park 96 spaces 15 Season Tickets
  • Burrell Road pay and display car park 60 spaces 9 Season Tickets
  • Watchetts Road pay and display car park 36 spaces 6 Season Tickets
  • Yorktown pay and display car park – 137 spaces 20 Season Tickets
Total spaces and available Season Tickets 1030 spaces 150 Season Tickets