Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations

Election of a Councillor for Bisley and West End

Notice is hereby given that:

1. A poll for the election of a Councillor for Bisley & West End will be held on Thursday 14 April 2022, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.
2. The number of Councillors to be elected is one.
3. The names, home addresses and descriptions of the Candidates remaining validly nominated for election and the names of all persons signing the Candidates nomination paper are as follows:
Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any) Names of Signatories (Proposers(+) & assentors) Names of Signatories (Seconders(++) & assentors)
20 Gardenia Drive, West End, Woking, GU24 9XG The Conservative Party Candidate
Michelle Henderson (+)
Vanessa M Deakin
David J Elliott
Hayley S Stone
Sheren M Page
Adrian R Page (++)
Nathan J Deakin
William J Medhurst
Mosunmola Adepoju
Henry M Fail
41 Guildford Road, West End, Woking, Surrey, GU24 9PW Liberal Democrats
Andrew E G Noble (+)
Stephanie Dawson
Caroline E Donaldson-Sinclair
Philip J Parry
Erica Agombar
Jonathan L J Noble (++)
Simon J Donaldson-Sinclair
Amanda S Parry
Deepak Udassi
James Agombar

4. The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:

Situation of Polling Station Station Number Ranges of electoral register number of persons entitled to vote thereat
Bisley Village Hall - Main Hall, School Close, Bisley, Surrey MA1  MA-1 to MA-2857
Tringham Hall, Benner Lane, West End, Surrey MB1 
MB-1 to MB-4061