#TalkSurreyHeath - Camberley Town Centre

Camberley Town Centre

Here are remaining questions/answers that we didn’t have time to cover during the live stream event.


Alexander Joseph Campbell

What are the council doing about the empty shops on the High Street?

This is a matter for the landowner, the Council cannot make owners find tenants for shops.


Tanya Downes  
High Street requires modernising, what about better facilities for disabled individuals? And children ... There's nothing there for older children.

The council is currently working on ideas for the High Street.


Alexander Joseph Campbell
Can the council encourage local schools to perform music and drama on a pedestrian High Street at weekends, as this would encourage more visitors to Camberley Town Centre?

The council is trying to encourage more events in the town centre. This idea can be considered once works to the High Street have been completed.


Tanya Vd Merwe Thompson
A lot of the shop fronts / signage are really tacky, cheap and nasty and this unfortunately gives the same impression to visitors. Why don't we have a set of standardised signage rules... It immediately lifts the look and makes it smarter!

The council has only limited control over signage but we will look at this again.


Peter Ludlow
Why can’t council grants be used to upgrade private shopping areas such as Heatherside Area?

The local County Councillor has promoted this same idea and is currently reviewing the funding available.


David Chesneau
Any chance of doing anything with the magistrates' court site?

This is a privately owned property and it is for the landowners to come forward with a scheme.


Mark Justin Smith

What support do you offer to help independent businesses compete with the big chains?

We don’t offer specific support and nor could we. It’s not our role to support one type of business over another. However, we do offer free advice from a business specialist to companies looking to start up or who have been trading for less than two years. We’ve had some excellent feedback on that and it has proven to be a very successful scheme.


Alexander Joseph Campbell
Also the drive in to Camberley is unattractive, as the grass verges need cut, have the council had cutbacks? As the have not been cut for some time.

The highway verges have been the responsibility of Surrey County Council and like all councils they have had funding reduced. Surrey Heath Borough Council has now taken over that responsibility but again the funding is limited for that work.


Keith Stevens
The roads are awful round Camberley, when will this be sorted?

Surrey Heath Borough Council are working with Surrey County Council (who are responsible for the roads) to try and improve the situation.