We're making it easier to report an overflowing bin!


Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

New stickers are being added to every bin that the Council is responsible for emptying to make reporting overflowing bins easier for everyone. Councillor Colin Dougan next to one of the QR coded bins

The Council works with two different companies to empty street bins, bins in parks and greenspaces and dog poo bins. 

We know this makes it more challenging to know where to report an overflowing bin. Whilst we aim to have all bins emptied on time and have high standards in keeping the Borough clean,  sometimes there's more rubbish than we expect! This is why easy reporting tools for overflowing bins are so important.  

New stickers, featuring a QR code are being applied to all bins across the Borough over the coming weeks. Scanning the code will link you though to the correct reporting portal where an overflowing bin can be logged directly with our contractors for emptying. 

Some of our older bins are being replaced for new ones so once they are changed stickers will be applied. 
Councillor Colin Dougan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Health said "Making it easy to report problems with litter and dog poo bins is part of our ongoing commitment to continuing to make Surrey Heath a great place to live and work. Whilst we and our contractors work hard to make sure bins across the borough are emptied when needed, there are times when the public spot a problem before we do. Making it as easy as possible to report a full bin helps us to make sure we fix any problems quickly. It's great to hear residents are already using the QR codes on the bins with stickers on them. If you haven't seen the stickers on bins near you yet, they are on their way."

Please help us keep the Borough clean by taking litter home with you if the bin is full.